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Team Building – Gear Up

From a single player to multiple player teams

Gear Up is a challenging mechanical puzzle carnival game for all ages. From a single player to multiple player teams, Gear Up game is a Team Building game that provides a fast paced problem-solving game geared for anyone! Fit the gears onto the board so you can reach all 6 stations.

Make sure the flags are inside the game board and the timer set.  Start the timer and place the gears on the gear cogs.  You have 50 seconds to place all 10 gears in the proper place.  Turn the middle crank and see how many flags pop up.  Get all four flags to appear in 50 seconds to win! Gear Up game sits on a table and includes a timer and 10 gears.

Dimensions: 50"W x 4"D x 36"H
Power: No power

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