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Whac A Mole Arcade Game

Whac a Mole Arcade Game the Family Classic

Whac a Mole Arcade Game for rent is the family classic. The moles are challenging characters. They start slowly to give you the feeling that you’re better than they are. Then they get faster and faster until they are quicker than you are. They can be shorter because there are five of them in a standard game. Yes, you can beat the moles; you’ll just have to grow five arms.

It all started in 1976 when the crew at Bob’s Space Racers, Inc. developed the first working Whac a Mole Arcade Game game for a customer who wanted to try the new concept at a carnival midway. Because it became popular at the carnivals and fairs, amusement parks also wanted to install the game. After that, Bob’s Space Racers developed an arcade game. In 1999 Toybiz created the first Whac a Mole Arcade Game home board game. That game was later replaced by a newer and more exciting version created by Hasbro in 2004.

More information about Whac A Mole Arcade Game:

Whac a Mole Arcade Game for rent can be branded or custom wrapped for corporate events, including trade shows, fashion events, movie premiers, grand openings, graduations, and other promotional programs. The typical customized branded wrap includes a custom backlit panel, cabinet side art, and custom branded moles and sound. Whack a Mole heads can be replaced with those geared towards your event theme or trade show message (click on the link for the video on our Youtube channel): Whack a Lock, Whack a Molar, Whack a Baseball, Whack a Baseball, Whac a Mayhem, Whack a Hack, Whack a Threat, Whack a Fire, Whack a Snack,  Whack-a-Mole (virus), Whack a Manhole, Whack-a-Beer, Whack-a-Politician, Whack-a-Competition, Whack a Light, Whack a Mythbuster, ideas are endless!

Video Amusement is the leader in Whac a Mole Arcade Game rental customization and branding. In the past five years, we have done more unique, one-of-a-kind, branded and personalized rented Whac a Mole Arcade Games than all the other companies combined. For further information, please contact our Video Amusement professional staff to learn more about leasing, branding, customized wrapping, and the process and steps involved in creating custom graphics and wraps. Whac a Mole Arcade Game is available with optional ticket redemption dispenser.

We ship our customized Whack a Mole Arcade Game anywhere in the USA.

Dimensions: 28"W x 30"L x 57"H single unit
Power: 120v AC, 3amps
Weight: 150lbs

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