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Sea Wolf – The Next Mission Video Arcade Game

Launch torpedoes at passing enemy ships.

Sea Wolf – The Next Mission Video Arcade Game is available for rent and is a retro video game based on the original Sea Wolf Arcade Game and released by Coastal Amusements in 2008.

Sea Wolf – The Next Mission Video Arcade Game is an “old school gameplay” with new awesome 3D animation. This is a second release in the Sea Wolf remake series arcade. The cabinet has been upgraded with better graphics, amazing digital stereo sound, and attractive new look. The cabinet uses 32″ LCD monitor along with 3D modeling to produce realistic-looking ships with full animation.

The player looks through a giant submarine simulator periscope to aim at passing enemy ships and launch torpedoes. This is a multi-level video amusement game, with six missions plus a bonus mission. As the player advances, each task becomes increasingly more difficult. Enemy ships lay mines and return fire. Furthermore, enemy planes drop torpedoes to sink the Sea Wolf. Sea Wolf – The Next Mission Video Arcade Game requires more strategy from the player and has more complex gameplay to hold the player’s interest. As a result, the gameplay concept is straightforward and addicting.

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Dimensions: 37"W x 42"L x 73"H
Power: 120v AC, 3amps
Weight: 300lbs

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