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Pole Position

Pole Position Arcade Game

Pole Position is a racing arcade video game released in 1982 by Namco and licensed to Atari, Inc., for US manufacture and distribution in 1983, becoming the highest-grossing arcade game in North America for that year.

The most successful racing video game of the classic era, in part due to its realistic graphics for the time, Pole Position classic arcade game established the conventions of the racing video game genre becoming one of the most influential video games of all time. Pole Position was the first racing video game to feature a track based on a real racing circuit, the Fuji Racetrack, and to feature a qualifying lap, requiring a players to complete a time trial before they can compete in Grand Prix races. Once players qualify, they race against other cars in a championship race.  Pole Position’s graphics feature full color landscapes and a perspective view of the track and accurately simulated forward movement into the distance.

Dimensions: 26"W x 30"L x 74"H
Power: 120v AC, 3amps

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