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LED Lighted Shuffleboard Arcade Game

LED Shuffleboard game can be even played in total darkness

Video Amusement rents only the best! The Champion Shuffleboard tables for rent are the best tables on the market. All Americans made with the highest quality standards. The LED Lighted Shuffleboard Arcade Game tables for rent come prepared with a playfield that is extremely slippery. The playing field is made out of a 3-inch maple wood butcher block with a smooth polymer surface and covered with silicone wax. All tables come with oversized 24-inch handcrafted cherry wood electronic scoring unit and actual shuffleboard weights, or some call it pucks. We offer two sizes of shuffleboard tables, 14 feet and 22 feet.

Original shuffleboard playfields used to come as one solid piece. You can imagine how difficult it used to be to move a 22-foot playfield. It took six men to lift the solid maple butcher block. Getting such a large piece of equipment into a location was another challenge! Today the playfields come split in half what makes them easier to move. However, both halves have to be precisely lined up during installation.

More information about LED Lighted Shuffleboard Arcade Game:

Shuffleboard is a traditional bar game. When placed in darker venues due to the extended size of the game becomes difficult to play. Our creative team at Video Amusement came up with a solution. We added two multi-colored RGB LED strips on the inside perimeter of the game, and LED Lighted Shuffleboard Arcade Game for rent was born! LED Lighted Shuffleboard Arcade Game rental can be played during the daytime or even better during nighttime. The RGB LED lights are bright, and the rented LED Lighted Shuffleboard Arcade Game can also be played in total darkness. RGB LED Lights are fully adjustable for brightness and color to balance the mood of your event and captivate the crowd.

Shuffleboard customization is limited to pucks, scoring units, and possibly in front of the table. Shuffleboard itself is a beautiful cheery wood cabined with delicate trims that stands out on its own.

Dimensions: 30"W x 180"L (270") x 30"H
Power: 120v AC, 2amps
Weight: 200-400lbs

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