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Big Buck World – Shooting Game

Classic Shooting Game

Find yourself all over the world shooting big game in a combination of Big Buck Safari and Big Buck Hunter open season. These games combined are now Big Buck World.

There are 17 animals from all over the world as well as 18 trophy animals. You should be really tired out by the 51 hunting treks as well as the 51 bonus games and 77 entertaining creatures.

255 hunting sites will give you plenty of locations to do your big game hunting from. Included are 3-D hunting scenes that are unique and authentic.

In this new version you can now accommodate up to 4 players. Hunt in any time of the day as well as constantly changing weather.

Big Buck World Standard Model Features:

• New 2 on 2 Team Play Shootout Mode!
• 17 Other Animals To Hunt + 18 New Trophy Animal !
• 51 New Hunting Treks + 51 New Bonus Game !
• 77 New Crazy Critters To Shoot !
• 255 Hunting Sites – And Each Has A New Challenge !
• Over 400 Authentic and Unique 3-D Hunting Scenes !
• Up to 4 players can now compete Head-to-Head !
• Hunt in the morning, afternoon and evening
• Hunt in changing weather like rain, snow and fog

Dimensions: 29"W x 28"L x 79"H
Power: 120v AC, 5amps

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