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Ice Ball FX LED Skeeball

Skeeball will never be the same again!

Introducing Ice Ball FX LED Skeeball from Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE Games). ICE Games has brought us some of the most popular and iconic games such as NBA Hoops, Super Chexx, Major League Baseball, NFL 2 Minute Drill, NBA Hoop Troop that we will find not only in our current game portfolio, but they are also favorites in arcades and game rooms in 80 countries throughout the word including Dave and Busters and Chuck E Cheese here in United States!

Ice Ball FX LED Skeeball for rent is a classic skeeball game or also called alley roller redemption game with impressive multicolor LED lighting integrating colorful synchronized extraordinary light show into the game. The captivating physical presence makes the Ice Ball FX LED Skeeball for rent the best alley roller game on the market and is guaranteed to stop the guests right in their tracks.

Ice Ball FX LED Skeeball alley roller for rent comes equipped with electrifying LED lights and “Shot Rim Lighting Package” in other words each individual hole in the target is lighted with it’s own color changing LED light and additional amazing multiple game features. Even the Ice Ball FX LED Skeeball’s balls are unique, taking on the appearance of actual “snow balls”. The balls are made from a durable and easy to clean white plastic. Ice Ball FX LED Skeeball alley roller rental is a favorite game for all-age group calling for players to throw “snow balls” down the alley way, with the hope of getting the high score or optional winning tickets*.

To further enhance the attractiveness of the rented game, we offer optional colorful electrifying Ice Ball FX Marquee that can be installed on a single or multi game setup.

*The game can be also used as a promotional tool to dispense winning tickets. Call us to find out more about this optional feature.

Dimensions: 30"W x 123"L x 84" H - single unit
Power: 120v AC, 3amps

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