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Dirty Drivin Arcade

Battle it out with up to 8 linked players!

Dirty Drivin Arcade game is the appropriate name for these custom vehicles with weaponry attached to them such as missiles, as well spectacular locations, power-ups peppered throughout, add on and trick out your cars and there are generally no rules of the road to follow here.

You have the ability to unlock mirrored tracks as well as having 7 of the most treacherous barely lit tracks from across the world. Wipeout and wrecks are spectacular and the ability to jump your vehicle to avoid being grabbed and for reaching power-ups.

At ridiculous speeds you can approach huge ramps and tackle never before experienced drop offs.

If you don’t like to play alone 8 players can be linked and you can battle it out this way. You don’t have to play it all in one sitting, though you will want to. You can create player profiles to resume your game later.

Dirty Drivin Arcade Racing Game Features :

  • 14 Highly Detailed, Treacherous, and Painstakingly created Race Tracks from around the world – And players can unlock „Mirrored Versions“ of all Tracks !
  • 10 Uniquely Styled High Powered Race Vehicles !
  • 100’s of Awesome Vehicle Upgrades For Players !
  • Huge ramps, Epic Drop-offs, Ludicrous speeds and players experience dazzling Wipeouts and Wrecks !
  • Players attack other vehicles with unique and powerful  weapons like Mega Wheels, Tiny Truck and Frostbite.
  • Players can battle it out with up to 8 linked players, and also can create player profiles in order to save their game progress and resume game at a later time.
  • Keypad-Based Player Account System


Dimensions: 41"W x 67"L x 77"H- single
Power: 120v AC, 5amps

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