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MotoGP Motorcycle Racing

MotoGP Motorcycle Racing Simulator

MotoGP Arcade Motorcycle Simulator Video Game 
Official licensed MotoGP ™ motorcycle simulator arcade game with authentic „MotoGP-style“ motorcycle mounts !

Available in (4) different color schemes for added location excitement, the MotoGP video motorcycle racing gameplay
is displayed on a stunning 42” HD LCD Display equipped with a Front-Facing Face Camera that puts players and their friends or competitors (up to 8 riders with both local + online multiplayer modes) into the game. MotoGP motorcycle racing comes with very faithful recreations of famous MotoGP circuits from around the world, with (3) difficulty levels – Novice, Normal and Pro – Join one of the (13) MotoGP motorcycle racing teams as a newcomer and race against famous riders! Includes a Front-Mounted Fan for realistic wind simulations, and ability to race head-to-head between
all units.

Dimensions: 43"W x 82"L x 83"H-single game
Power: 120v AC, 5amps

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