12-hole Mini Golf Course

Test your putting skills

Mini Golf Game Hole - starting with the wind mill.

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  • Mini Golf Game Hole 8 - sport game
  • Mini Golf Game Hole 9 - sport game
  • Mini golf lane 10
  • Mini Golf Lane number 11
  • Mini Golf Hole 12

Test your putting skills on our full 12-hole Mini Golf course! Rent one hole or the complete 12-hole Mini Golf course.
Hole 1. You will putt the ball through the tunnel, and lookout for the spinning windmill.
Hole 2. Can you make it up the narrow hill into the hole? (Tip: this track is even longer than the first!)
Hole 3. Get ready to putt the ball up a hill, into a hole and out the side!
Hole 4. Challenge yourself to a hole-in-one and putt the ball around the water into the hole.
Hole 5. You’re halfway through the course! The fifth mini golf challenge involves putting the ball around an obstacle and into the hole directly behind it.
Hole 6. Add a little oomph to your putt to get the ball up the ramp, over the pond, and into one of three holes!
Hole 7. Can you putt the ball over the hills and into the hole at without getting stuck in a sand pit?
Hole 8. Up for a challenge? This game will really test your aim as you try to bank off the walls and into the hole.
Hole 9. The last hole is right-angled challenge with two-part assembly. Putt the ball toward the corner, bounce it off the riverbank, and make it into the hole at the end!
Hole 10. Shoot the ball up the narrow ramp and over the bushes to land a hole-in-one!
Hole 11. Before reaching the hole, you will have to maneuver through the “forest”!
Hole 12. Ricochet the ball around the course until it lands in the hole. Beware of sand traps!
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Dimensions:23"W x 71"Long
Power:120v AC, 3amps

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