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14 or 22 foot Grand Champion Shuffleboard

Video Amusement rents two sizes of shuffleboard tables 14 or 22 foot original Grand Champion Shuffleboard manufactured by America’s #1 Shuffleboard manufacturer Champion Shuffleboard based in Richland Hills, Texas.

The Champion Shuffleboard tables for rent are the best tables on the market. All American made with highest quality standards. The shuffleboard tables come made with playfield that is extremely slippery made out of 3-inch maple wood butcher block with a smooth polymer surface and covered with silicone wax (sometimes called sand) to reduce friction. All tables come with oversized 24-inch handcrafted cherry wood electronic scoring unit.

The object of the Shuffleboard table game is to ensure that you obtain the highest scores, by sliding a weighted metal puck with your hand down a narrow playfield and see to it that the puck land on the high numbers for getting the highest scores. There are 3 scoring zones at each end of the table. This game is all about concentration and keeping your nerves in place. It requires a great amount of precision and maneuvering, as your moves have to be well calibrated and thought out before pushing the weighted puck, with your hand, as your objective is to ensure that the puck lands in the highest number zone to the far edge of the playfield without falling over or being bumped off the board by the opposing player’s puck.

Shuffleboard table game is a traditional classic game for people of all ages, who have a need to test their mental capabilities and reflexes combined with precision in their actions. People who played the game would vouchsafe the amount of concentration and maneuvering they had to put in to try achieve the highest score. This is further accentuated by the fact that once the players made the move there is no turning back; thus they have to plan their actions before hand before committing themselves to a move and all in split seconds.

Shuffleboard table games can be branded or customized with certain limitations. For further information, please contact our Video Amusement professional staff to learn more about the shuffleboard table game branding and customized wrapping, the process and steps involved in creating custom graphics and wraps.

Dimensions: 30"W x 180"L x 30"H
Power: 120v AC, 1amps

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